Brown Yoo / 유정근

Brown Yoo is the CEO of CRUXELL Corp.

With more than 12 years of experiences in developing CR scanners, Brown Yoo has been working on product innovation and technology development since the beginning of CRUXELL and he has been producing products with excellent performance based on it. In addition, he is making great effort to sales growth.

Based on company's effort, CRUXELL is getting much attention from customers to their own product.

By introducing the new technology that was not previously available in dental PSP equipment among the presently released hardware equipment, it produced high quality  which is incomparable to other products.

CRUXELL will devote further efforts to make a leap forward in the future.

Daeseok Hwang / 황대석

Daeseok Hwang is the COO of CRUXELL Corp.

He has been devoted to opto-electronic development technology more than 20 years.

Daeseok Hwang who was the CEO at Hulight, he is currently responsible for all important task as a COO of CRUXELL.

Youngje Woo / 우영제

Youngje Woo is the CFO of CRUXELL Corp.

Before joining CRUXELL Corp, he has worked for strategy planning team of KOLAO Holdings headquarter located in Laos. Also, he has worked for Ernst & Young KOREA BRANCH as an audit of accounts and consultant. 

Youngje Woo is a competent to M&A finacial tax advisory, audit of accounts also valuation of enterprise value.

CRUXELL will bring a shine of light in dental industry market.